Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Running behind

We apologize for the delay of this post.
We are back safe and sound. The trip back was fine. we will write about it but instead of one big post we will do couple of shorter ones.
After getting back from the castle we finally settled down a bit. Kids were helping Babka and Dedko ( grandma and grandpa) feed animals. I do have to mention that it was quite early in the morning. Sometimes as early as 6am. They fed goats and chicken and then they went to have breakfast. Our taste buds were a bit challenged ( Rasty was used to most of the stuff) some kids handled it pretty well, some not. They also started to get involved in Slovak language.
Along with us there was Rasty's cousin visiting next door with their little son Lukas. The kids had a Lot's of fun together. Babka bought a kids swimming pool so whenever weather permitted they played in water. The weather was OK almost like in MN morning warm, noon hot, and afternoon showers and T-storms. Well this much for now. We will do some more later

Tank you for all your prayers. God's blessing to you all.
We will be posting pictures on our web site soon

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  1. Any updates from this trip? It's been a year and a half. Looking forward to more posts. :)