Monday, January 16, 2012

It has been quite a while since we posted on this blog but Rastislav and I have decided to keep family updates here as well as our Slovakia updates. This way we can keep things organized for our family and friends. If you would like to see more specific updates or art and craft updates by Maria you can visit her personal blog here. So, happy 2012 everyone. Our latest update is that in 2011 we had a new baby, a little girl named Teresa. She is growing strong and healthy and as of January 26 is 6 months old. We now have 5 children and love every minute that we spend with them. Rasty is the senior Master Technician at IOT where he has been working for the past 7 years. Maria is at home taking care of baby Teresa and getting Nikolas (4) geared up to go to Kindergarten in the Fall. Susanna, Jonah and Mariana all go to L'Toile Du Nord French Immersion School were they speak French all day while learning their other studies. We just had a bunch of work done on our house to waterproof the basement and are still planning on several more projects for the beginning of this year.
Last summer Rasty's parents came to visit us for a few weeks. We had such a wonderful visit with them and had plenty of time to do real all-American things with them like celebrate the Fourth of July and even go to a couple of parades. They really enjoyed themselves but ended up having to leave before the baby was born. This Christmas they sent us a bunch of goodies from Slovakia including chocolate Christmas tree ornaments and homemade Oblatens.
Already this year is in full swing for us and we are busy again with the kids schools, work, knitting and swimming lessons at the YMCA. We love and miss all of our friends and family and always appreciate any contact or visits!! Hopefully we can plan on a little traveling this year to see some of the many people we care about.

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